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  • Inaugural lecture prof. dr. Marieke de Winkel


  • GSH Christmas Party (drinks + dinner)

    To celebrate the holiday season, the Graduate School for the Humanities organises a christmas party on 14 December 2023.

  • CLS Talks: Laura Speed

    The monthly CLS Talks showcase research done within the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) with the aim to increase awareness of the ongoing research in the institute, and to facilitate discussions and collaborations between researchers.

  • Foto van een bijeenkomst in het Huygensgebouw

    Faculty of Science Meet Up

    Faculty of Science Meet Ups are for staff and students of the Faculty of Science. The goal is to catch up, celebrate achievements, and share special moments from the faculty.

  • Stories of good education: on formulating and using school vision stories

    Both researchers and education professionals agree that a vision of good teaching contributes to the quality of leadership, the school, teaching, and school development.

  • Optimizing routine collection and use of patient-reported outcomes in hip and knee arthroplasty

    Hip and knee arthroplasty patients are required to fill in questionnaires about their results of the surgery, called patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

  • Inaugural lecture prof. dr. R. Aalbers


  • Flyer EAAS Digital Network

    EAAS Digital Studies Network: First Online Open Forum

    By facilitating the exchange of information and fostering collaborative endeavors among its members, the EEAS Digital Studies Network promotes innovative research and scholarly engagement within the realm of digital studies.

  • Students sitting in the grass in Summer

    Bachelor's Virtual Information Platform

    In our online platform you can watch informational videos about all our Bachelor's programmes, when and where you want. You will already get really good insights into our study programmes.

  • Attitudes and agency of primary school teachers with respect to social justice, fair differentiation, and equal educational opportunities.

    Teachers are seen as the most important actors in schools when it comes to improving social justice. Equal educational opportunities is a matter of social justice.

  • Trustworthy AI for automated screening of retinal diseases

    Screening for retinal diseases is crucial in preventing vision loss. Current protocols rely on manual examinations, limiting large-scale screening, particularly in low-resource areas.

  • Unraveling molecular mechanisms underlying congenital blindness

    Vision is one of the most valuable senses of the human body. This sense is affected in people with congenital blindness, significantly limiting their daily lives.

  • Fighting until the end. Nursing home residents with dementia and very severe challenging behavior.

    In nursing homes over 80% of residents with dementia show challenging behavior. Challenging behavior is behavior which is experienced by the resident self, other residents or (informal) caregivers as difficult to handle.

  • Evaluating salts for use in a heat battery

    A salt battery can be used to store solar heat from summer to be used in winter. The battery contains salt hydrates, which are salts with water in the crystals.

  • From Passion to Profession: Karim Amghar

    Want to make an impact with your career? Writer and programmer Karim Amghar inspires you how to make a difference within your field of work. An inspiring lecture for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Women and Formal Divorce in Indonesia; Gender and Agency

    This study examines women’s motives in Indonesia for filing for divorce.

  • RICH Platform for Digital Humanities: Consultation Hour

    The RICH Platform for Digital Humanities organises a consultation hour on 19 December 2 pm at E 11.18a. Feel free to drop by with questions related to DH.

  • Theme 3 colloquium 'Steering atoms in the electron microscope'

    You are cordially invited to join this Theme 3 colloquium

  • Bladder cancer care in the Netherlands. Guidelines and practice: are they in harmony?

    Over the last decades, survival rates for bladder cancer have barely improved. Improving bladder cancer care can improve patient outcomes such as survival.

  • ATLAS.ti v22/23 for Windows - Basic workshop

    This is an introduction workshop to ATLAS.ti version 22/23 for Windows. This event is in Dutch