Auteur Saskia de Koster spreekt Kellendonklezing uit
Auteur Saskia de Koster spreekt Kellendonklezing uit

Frans Kellendonk Lecture: Saskia de Coster

Monday 5 February 2024, 4 pm

Belgian author Saskia de Coster will deliver the thirtieth Kellendonk Lecture entitled "My Year of the Ghost" on 5 February 2024.

Please note that this event is in Dutch.

Saskia de Coster read the novel Letter en Geest. Een spookroman by Frans Kellendonk in February 2023, when she had allowed herself to be locked in a glass hutch at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp for a month. Kellendonk, says De Coster, "tries, through his stories, to put his demons and tormentors somewhere". De Coster uses her reading of the novel to talk not only about Kellendonk's tornness, but also about her own ghosts: statues in a museum, moving, Bigfoot, Repelsteeltje.

Frans Kellendonk Lecture

On 15 February 1990, Frans Kellendonk, renowned Dutch author, known for Mystiek Lichaam, among other works, died. The Faculty of Arts at Radboud University, where Kellendonk studied and obtained his PhD as anglist, commemorates him annually around the time of his death with the Frans Kellendonk Lecture. Previous speakers have included renowned Dutch and Flemish authors Nina Polak (2023), Stephan Sanders (2022), Koen Peeters (2019) and Griet Op de Beeck (2018).

This edition, the floor belongs to Saskia de Coster, author of a multifaceted and idiosyncratic oeuvre. De Coster is the author of nine novels, including Eeuwige roem (2006), the bestseller Wij en ik (2013) and the widely acclaimed Nachtouders (2019). In addition, De Coster allows herself to be noticed as an opinion maker in her own right and explores the boundaries of literature.


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Monday 5 February 2024, 4 pm
Saskia de Coster
Faculty of Arts
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