van idee naar beeld
van idee naar beeld

From idea to image

One image says more than a thousand words. A photo of a polar bear on a melting ice floe is more convincing than a detailed report on the decrease in Arctic ice. Why is that? We live in a distinctly visual culture and are constantly being seduced and influenced by images. In an image culture, analysing and creating visual material is an essential skill.


    Please note: this module is taught in Dutch.

    In this course, we will be looking at the ways you can use image to tell a story. Whether that's for a presentation for your study programme, the design of a thesis or if you ever want to make a full-length film. We look at various examples by well-known image creators and research how they achieve certain effects and succeed in getting their story over.

    The emphasis is on personally making and experiencing. We'll research by carrying out visual assignments and then analyse each other's work in the group. For example, in order to understand why Rembrandt van Rijn's images are so powerful, nothing works better than copying one of his paintings. So for one of the sessions, we'll be substituting our tables for easels and working with oil paints. In another, we'll be visualising the content of newspaper articles by making quick collages.

    What will we be doing?

    The student will learn to deploy images creatively when presenting an idea and to express themselves visually. They will also develop an understanding of a series of basic visual arts techniques. And don't worry: artistic talent is not required. In this course, it's precisely about how you can recognise the effect of visuals, and apply it yourself, in an accessible way. Pleasure in the process is paramount!


    The module is taught by Jaap Godrie. He is historian, artist and co-founder of Breukers·Godrie, with which he develops images of current themes. From his affiliation with the Rijksmuseum, he is involved in a number of television programmes, as artistic advisor. He studied history at Radboud University and painting at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming.


    The module consists of five sessions on Thursday evenings from 18:30 to 21:00.

    The Radboud Honours Academy believes that learning is best experienced when we work together in the same space, so physical presence is required. If you know that there are one or more sessions that you cannot attend, please choose a different module, so that you can get the best out of this experience, with your fellow students.

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