Afbeelding met een brief over het terugbetalen van je studieschuld

Guest lecture student debt

Tuesday 7 February 2023, 4 pm
Ask DUO, Rabobank and Nibud all your questions!

Do you have questions about the 'infamous' interest rate and the current rules for borrowing from DUO? Do you want to know more about dealing with paying off your student debt? What is the impact of long-term borrowing on your mortgage, for example? And how smart is it to borrow money to save more? Get answers to these questions during this guest lecture. Sign up and join the conversation with DUO, Rabobank and Nibud! You are welcome to attend this lecture in person or online.

Please note: this guest lecture is in Dutch.


16:00 - 16:05 Welcome
16:05 - 16:20 Opening Arjan Vliegenthart (Nibud)
16:20 - 16:45 Speaker Arno Dieteren (DUO information officer)
16:45 - 17:05 Speakers Simon Dekkers & Jeroen Molleman (Financial Advisors at Rabobank)
17:05 - 17:30 Q&A session with DUO, Rabobank and Nibud (plenary)

Afterwards, there will be time to ask your questions to DUO, Rabobank and Nibud representatives. So be sure to stick around and have a chat with the speakers or with each other! Please note: this is only possible if you physically participate.

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This lecture is part of the 'Financially Healthy Student' lecture series. The lectures are a collaboration between Radboud University, HAN University of Applied Science and Rabobank.

Tuesday 7 February 2023, 4 pm
Theaterzaal "C"
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