Health problems in the medical record

Thursday 6 April 2023, 4:30 pm
F.H.J.M. Cillessen MSc.
prof. dr. P.F. de Vries Robbé
dr. M.C.J. Biermans

This thesis provides insight into the use and optimization of the usability of the problem list as an integrated core component of EHRs in hospitals. The international HL7 standard was used for this. The successful use of a problem list depends on various factors and requires a combined technical and social approach. Linking data, such as linking notes to health problems, is considered beneficial for creating an overview. Physicians' opinions about linking differ due to, among other things, the added value, management of the list, when something is a health problem, and the time it takes. To maximize the benefits of linking, it is recommended to establish a multidisciplinary guideline, emphasize its added value, provide adequate training for physicians, improve functionality and usability, and conduct regular chart reviews for objective feedback.

Felix Cillessen (1966) obtained his Master's degree in Information Science at Radboud University after studying at Saxion Academy Life Science, Engineering and Design. In 2010 he started his PhD research. In 2014 he continued this as an external PhD candidate and completed it in 2022. He is currently working as Chief Information Officer at the Rivierenland hospital in Tiel.