HFML-FELIX user-meeting

Tuesday 13 June 2023, 12 pm - Thursday 15 June 2023, 1 pm
The HFML-FELIX team is happy to announce that the 2023 EMFL and HFML-FELIX user meetings will take place in Nijmegen as a joint event. We hope to welcome many of you at our facility.

The programme will include presentations and discussion sessions providing inspiration and information about the developments at our facility and especially on the unique possibilities of the combination of infrared/THz free-electron lasers (FELs) and high magnetic fields, including a workshop dedicated to this topic.

Take a look at the programme

FEL and magnet-specific parallel sessions as well as a poster session are planned, and we invite you to submit a contribution. You can apply for a talk or a poster by entering the title of your contribution in the registration form. The programme committee will select talks. In addition, 8 talks are selected by the EMFL board of directors; for these speakers, travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

For all other participants, participation in the event is free, hotel arrangement and travel costs will be at their own cost.

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Tuesday 13 June 2023, 12 pm - Thursday 15 June 2023, 1 pm
Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact the HFML-FELIX office at hfml-felix [at] ru.nl.