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  • Workshop Keeping up the Spirit

    Do you find it hard to keep up the spirit, and does this impact your studies? Perhaps this workshop can help.

  • Take control of your thesis

    During the training 'Getting a grip on your thesis' you analyse your thesis process and find starting points to get and/or keep moving with your thesis.

  • Twee enthousiaste studenten voor de Refter.

    Student for a Day

    Are you interested in an English-taught Bachelor’s programme? Try it out for a day on campus! The Bachelor's Student for a Day visit at Radboud University is the best way to get familiar with the (academic) life of a student.

  • Course Education in a Nutshell (EIN5 23-24)

    During this course, you will learn to relate basic didactic principles about learning and teaching to small group teaching at Radboud University.

  • Train in the landscape

    Five-part course Climate Change & Colonialism

    It has been called the biggest and most threatening crisis of our time: the climate crisis. Did you know that the choices made in the Dutch colonial past have a huge impact on our current climate policy?

  • Course about Course Design (CD2A 23-24)

    During this course, you will learn how to improve the design of your own course. You do this creatively, using theories about active learning, (formative) feedback, the functioning of the brain, and evaluating your education.

  • Scholarships Q&A sessions

    Are you excited to apply for a study programme but unsure if you’re eligible for a scholarship?

  • Training Thesis and internship supervision (TIS6 23-24)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision. We will also take a look at what students need, what their programme requires, and what supervision style you prefer.

  • Studenten achter een laptop in de Refter op de Radboud Universiteit.

    Master's Virtual Information Platform

    In our Virtual Information Platform you can watch informational videos about our Master's programmes! Watch the videos when and where you want.

  •  Students walk through the dentistry building of Radboud University.

    Master's Student for a Day

    Not quite sure if a Master's programme is right for you? Spend a day with a student of the programme! You have the possibility to discover the campus, attend lectures, meet students and ask questions to students and lecturers.

  • Tackling water pollution with biological solutions


  • Upper jaw expansion in adults without surgery: efficacy, soft tissue effects and patient perception

    Patients with a too narrow upper jaw often suffer from, a.o., reduced chewing ability, accelerated tooth wear and an unstable bite. Until recently, surgical jaw expansion was necessary to treat this in adults.

  • Immune Response to Burn Injury

    Burn injury causes mortality and disability throughout the world and its consequences affect patients both physically and mentally.

  • Health Insurance Information Session

    Health Insurance Information Session

    In the Netherlands you can only adjust your health insurance package or change health insurance companies at the end of the year. But do you know exactly what is covered by your basic insurance package and whether or not you need additional insurance

  • Flexpertise: the ability which workers renew their expertise

    Organizations want their employees to reskill and upskill and become multidisciplinary experts in the context of complex organizational and social transitions.

  • Een persoon typt op een laptop

    Workshop Cover letter (English)

    In the workshop Cover letter (in English) you will learn all the ins and outs of writing a cover letter that will make you stand out from other applicants.

  • affiche SCN december 2023

    Science Café > Organoids

    On Monday, 11th of December the Science Café will dive into the world of these mini-organs with two scientists presenting on the present and future of organoids.

  • Individual molecules and ultrathin superconductors under the microscope

    The laws of quantum mechanics play an important role in materials at the level of individual atoms. Quantum effects can be revealed using a scanning tunneling microscope (STM).

  • Research session: Exploring 'Belonging' and Postcolonialism

    Jan Bant and Eeva Langeveld will delve in this research session into the topic of postcolonial belonging in the Netherlands through case studies from sports history and comics.

  • Master Speed Dating 2023

    Master's Speed Dating

    Still trying to figure out in which Master's programme and/or specialisation you want to enrol next year? Be sure to sign up for our Master's Speed Dating sessions at Nijmegen School of Management on 12 December 2023.