Hot Spot Sustainable Democracy - Between learned societies, university careerism and scientist rebellion: academics cannot escape citizenship

Wednesday 12 June 2024, 12:15 pm

In her post-doctoral research into academic citizenship Floor Basten focused not so much on distilling a particular essence as on identifying key reference points with which academics entertain for them meaningful relationships. In her presentation for Hot Spot Sustainable Democracy Floor will sketch some of her findings based on literature, news and auto-ethnographic reflections. As it turns out, academics cannot escape citizenship as they are social beings who function in communities. Still, what community they function in is to some degree a matter of preference. Furthermore, as relationships and thus communities are dynamic, these preferences can change and shape both what it means to be an academic as what citizenship consequently entails. Roel in ‘t Veld, prof. em. who wrote several publications about the so-called knowledge democracy, will join the reflections with his ideas and experiences regarding academic citizenship.

Wednesday 12 June 2024, 12:15 pm
Dr F.M.R.C. Basten (Floor) , Roel in 't Veld
EOS 00.240