Illuminating the Properties of Radio Pulsars

Monday 10 June 2024, 12:30 pm
PhD candidate
M.A. van der Wateren MSc.
prof. dr. G.A. Nelemans
dr. C.G. Bassa, dr. G. Janssen

Radio pulsars are some of the most intriguing objects in the universe. They are extremely small and compact, only the size of a city with a mass greater than the sun. They are often called the 'lighthouses of the universe' because they sweep beacons of light through space. Their signals exhibit remarkable predictability, a feature we exploit in this thesis through a technique known as 'pulsar timing' to deepen our understanding of pulsars, the universe, and the laws of physics.

Emma van der Wateren studied Journalism in Utrecht before working as a journalist for Trouw, De Volkskrant, and With the aim of becoming a science journalist, she went on to study physics in Amsterdam. During her studies, she discovered her passion for astronomy and research and chose a master in astronomy. She went on to do a PhD at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy , and the Radboud University. Currently, Van der Wateren is an instrument scientist at ASTRON.