IMR Academy seminar: Rediscovering ‘the region’ as a governance order in The Netherlands

Thursday 21 March 2024, 12:30 pm - 2 pm

‘The region’ is frequently mentioned among policymakers, politicians, and practitioners in various societal fields as a ‘new’ governance principle and organisational scale to cope with and process complex implementation problems. Interestingly, in essence, regions are aimed to radically shape societal transitions in The Netherlands. In older person care, for instance, regional networks among healthcare organisations are being developed in response to pressing and severe workforce problems, especially seeking for coordination in non-urbanised regions in times of scarcity. In the Dutch energy transition, 30 regions now give shape to regional energy strategies (RESs) that play an important coordinating role in achieving the measures set out in the Climate Agreement. In this case, the regional network consists of a mixture of public authorities, residents, businesses, grid operators, energy collectives and societal organisations. Still, creating and maintaining regional networks does not come naturally, nor is it clearly embedded in current institutional and administrative frameworks that are organisational-centered. Centralised ambitions and governance, on the one hand, and local professional expertise -or geographical specificities - on the other hand, do not automatically end up in the middle, with the region. Moreover, in the House of Thorbecke (e.g., the traditional administrative levels of Dutch society), there is no formal role and responsibility of the region at all. In this regard, rethinking and rediscovering the region as a governance order in Dutch society seems important and is therefore the central theme of the upcoming IMR Academy seminar. We welcome everyone interested to join us in discussing the role and relevance of the region for Dutch governance and policymaking.

Thursday 21 March 2024, 12:30 pm - 2 pm
EOS N 01.350

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