Afbeelding van verschillende groepen die met elkaar praten en connecten.
Afbeelding van verschillende groepen die met elkaar praten en connecten.

Inspiration meeting Interdisciplinary education

Tuesday 11 June 2024, 2:45 pm - 5:30 pm
Boundary-crossing and wicked problems, with Marieke Veltman

This afternoon, the Teaching and Learning Centre launches a practical tool for teachers to (further) develop interdisciplinary teaching. Marit Rensink will explain the tool. You will receive a copy after the session.

The teacher tool is based on 2 articles by our guest Marieke Veltman (Windesheim/UvA University of Applied Sciences). We will discuss with Marieke her PhD research on 'boundary-crossing' and student learning aimed at taking issues with 'wicked' aspects further. Marieke shares concrete tools for teachers' actions that are quickly translatable to our teaching practice. Both hands-on and evidence-informed! 


2.45 pm Welcome
3.00 pm Welcome by session leader Monica van Winkel
3.10 pm TLC teacher tool launch for designing interdisciplinary education by Marit Rensink
3.45 pm Boudary Crossing and wicked problems, conversation with Marieke Veltman
5.00 pm Closing with drinks

Special Interest Group Interdisciplinary Education

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Literature tips

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Veltman, M. E., Van Keulen, J., & Voogt, J. M. (2021). Using problems with wicked tendencies as vehicles for learning in higher professional education: Towards coherent curriculum design. The Curriculum Journal32(3), 559-583.

A short introduction on the concept of Boundary crossing: 
Akkerman, S., & Bakker, A. (2012). Het leerpotentieel van grenzen. Opleiding & Ontwikkeling, 25(1), 15-19.
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Tuesday 11 June 2024, 2:45 pm - 5:30 pm