Celine van der Kolk
Celine van der Kolk

Legal advice in Wijkcentrum Dukenburg

Thursday 11 May 2023, 12 pm - 3 pm
A Radboud Gesture

Our Nijmegen Legal Faculty Association is here to help you with your legal issues! Our entire board is ready to welcome you during our consultation hours and answer your legal questions. Whether it is a conflict about your rent law or a traffic violation, we will help you and provide written advice where necessary.  

Remember, we are students and do not know everything yet. We will of course do our utmost to help you with what we have learned so far.* During our consultation hour, Chantal van Hulzen, Senior legal advisor in Nijmegen, will also be present.  Social Counsellors are academically trained lawyers, who are employed by the municipality, but who act independently. Come along and let us help you with your legal issues!  

Locatie: Wijkcentrum Dukenburg, Meijhorst 7039, 6537 EP Nijmegen

Samenwerking: In collaboration with Wijkcentrum Dukenburg en Chantal van Hulzen, Senior Legal Advisor Nijmegen 

*Our advice is free and completely non-binding. We accept no liability for any damages arising from the advice given. 

Thursday 11 May 2023, 12 pm - 3 pm
Contact information

This gesture is made possible by the Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Nijmegen of Radboud University. The Juridische Faculteitsvereniging Nijmegen is Nijmegen's largest and oldest study association and is known as an active and versatile association.  

Contact: info [at] jfvnijmegen.nlrel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"