Let's Meet - annual introduction new BSI employees!

Tuesday 10 September 2024, 10:30 am - 1 pm

Learn where to get support and advice for your BSI research activities

Do you have questions or want to learn more about the BSI procedures and facilities?

Please be sure to attend the introductory meeting for all researchers appointed at the BSI. Whether you just started or have been working at the BSI for a while… After this meeting you exactly know where to find support for your research and teaching activities at the BSI.

We will start with a short welcome at 10.30. After that, different BSI/external support staff members will briefly present to you the most important ins & outs of conducting research and teaching at the BSI. 


10.30  Welcome    
10.35  BSI Office    (Sonia Burgos & Diana de Ruiter)
10.43  Knowledge  Transfer Office      (Inge Volman)         
10.51  Ethics Committee    (Jacqueline Vink)
10.59  Research Data Management / Privacy    (Rob Gommans)
11.07  Open Science / Preregistration    (Anita Eerland)
11.15  Science Committee    (Gijs Bijlstra)
11.23  Lab Committee    (Anna Aumeistere)
11.31  BSI Lab    (Anna Aumeistere)
11.39  Colloquium Committee    (Jacobien van Peer)
11.47  Radboud Teaching & Learning Centre    (Marit Rensink)
11.55  Technical Support Group    (Gerard van Ooijen)
12.03  Statistical and Methodological Advice Point    (Janneke van Ekert)
12.11  Information & Library Services    (Rebecca Calcott & Dominique Rijkelijkhuizen)
12.19  Closing remarks / Questions
12.25  LUNCH    
13.00  END