Marjolein van de Pol
Marjolein van de Pol

Lifestyle as medicine: health education on the Grote Markt

Monday 8 May 2023, 9 am - 5 pm
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Lifestyle-related disorders are a major threat to public health. More and more people are overweight, exercise too little, spend too much time behind a screen or eat and drink unhealthy. Lifestyle plays an important role in all chronic conditions in terms of cause, treatment and prognosis (how much you suffer from your condition now and in the future). Research shows that there is a lot of ignorance about the major role of lifestyle. In addition, a lot of disinformation about lifestyle is spread via (social) media. And finally, people lack knowledge and concrete tools to positively influence their lifestyle. 

Advice on the Grote Markt

Students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry) address the shopping public and discuss lifestyle. Based on a few key concepts (nutrition, exercise, sleep, smoking/drinking, relaxation and relationships/social system), they map out where this person can gain in terms of lifestyle. At the end of the conversation, the student gives the conversation partner a flyer with practical advice on lifestyle.


Grote Markt in the centre of Nijmegen

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Monday 8 May 2023, 9 am - 5 pm
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Marjolein van de Pol, program director of medicine.

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