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  • Master's Student for a Day

    Not quite sure if a Master's programme is right for you? Why not spend a day with a Master's student. You have the possibility to discover the campus, attend lectures, meet students and ask questions to students and lecturers.

  • First aid for mental help in your social environment

    This activity is in Dutch.

  • Dissecting and exploring the immune cell landscape in cardiovascular disease


  • Course Education in a Nutshell (22EIN10)

    During this course you will learn to relate didactic basic principles about (online) teaching and (distance) learning to your role as a lecturer at Radboud University.

  • Meditative singing

    Singing together helps you relax and connect! Join us and sing the beautiful meditative songs of Taizé and Iona together with your fellow students in the Student Chaplaincy.

  • Clinical wear and experimental self- healing behavior of resin-based dental composite restorations

    Severe tooth wear is the highest level of tooth wear, which may affect appearance, oral comfort, and general performance.

  • Studying with AD(H)D

    During the training studying with AD(H)D you will learn more about how AD(H)D and studying works best for you.

  • Soulcollage

    SoulCollage is an easy,

  • Combined acquisition and data processing strategies for optimized MR spectroscopic imaging of the prostate


  • Online Orientation Week

    Are you still having a hard time picking from one of our many Bachelor’s programmes? Attend our Online Oriëntation Week! Every night of the week there are online information sessions about different area's of interest.

  • Gwen van Poorten

    This activity is in Dutch. The lecture will start at 19:00 sharp, please be present at 18:45. 

  • Diversity Day

    Diversity Day Netherlands is a day when companies recognize the fact that diverse teams translate into greater creativity, insights and productivity.  It acknowledges that everyone is unique and different and together form a strong whole.

  • Grow your own Happiness

    This activity is in Dutch.

  • Reorientation choice of study programme

    During this workshop you will learn more about your interests, your talents, your values and what drives and motivates you. This will help you find out what study programmes suit you.

  • I create therefore I am

    Studying mainly involves our cognitive skills. But what would happen if we paid more attention to our emotions, doubts and dreams? If we would dare to experiment and try to create something new together? Find out during this workshop by Debora Heijne. 

  • Move your mindset

    During this workshop, sports and movement are used as a means to achieve a more positive mindset. Various physical exercises provide insight into your motivation, energy distribution, thoughts and goals.

  • Trajectory Data Mining in Mouse Models of Stroke


  • Costs of inquiry proceedings

    This dissertation offers an up-to-date overview of legislation, case law and literature regarding the costs of inquiry proceedings. To date, the costs of inquiry proceedings have not been researched integral in the scientific literature.

  • Movie Night

    The film will be in English. 

  • Sustainable nutrition on a budget

    Sustainable, healthy, easy and quick meals do not have to be expensive. During this online lecture, you will learn more about the ecological footprint of different diets, mono- and duo-cropping, animal agriculture and what we can do to eat a more sustainable diet.