Material properties in high magnetic field, and how to communicate about them in the news

Monday 27 November 2023, 4:30 pm
PhD student
S.W. Kristensen
prof. dr. N.E. Hussey, prof. dr. A. McCollam, prof. dr. ir. I. Smeets

In my thesis, I researched how magnetic and dielectric properties of a material change under the influence of high magnetic field and low temperature. Specifically, I studied phase transitions in materials in which the electric and magnetic properties are connected. Additionally to my work in physics, I studied how physics is communicated to the general public in Dutch newspapers.  

Sanne Kristensen obtained her master's degree in Physics of Molecules and Materials in 2017. She then researched the application of flexible solar cells at Avans Hogeschool. After working one year on applied research, Sanne went back to the Radboud University to work on fundamental physics and science communication in order to obtain her phd. At the moment Sanne is working at the ministry of Economics and Climate where she makes policy that stimulates Dutch industry to become more sustainable.