Bas Hendrikx
Bas Hendrikx

Mini libraries in the Kanaalzone

Tuesday 9 May 2023, 9 am - 5 pm
A Radboud Gesture

As a gesture to the city, Studio Kanaalzone (the neighbourhoods surrounding the Maas-Waal Canal in Nijmegen) will make three mini libraries and fill them with books. These will be placed in the front gardens of Kanaalzone residents, where they will be accessible to anyone looking for reading material. On Tuesday 9 May, the mini libraries will be painted by the residents. 

The contents of the mini libraries will be (partially) aimed at children and young people. Apart from being a accessible way for (young) neighbourhood residents to acquire reading material, it also creates connection in the neighbourhood.  

Want a mini library in your front garden? 

Residents of the Kanaalzone who would like a mini library in their front garden can send an email to studiokanaalzone [at] with their name and phone number. 

The ground rules 

  • You will receive the ready-made mini library to install in your front garden (or on the façade of your home) in a place that is easily accessible.  
  • On Tuesday 9 May 2023, the mini libraries will be painted in Dukenburg (location to follow). You tell us the colours you want - we will provide the paint. 
  • You will receive the first books from us. Experience shows that after a while, many books will be added by your neighbours, so we ask you to regularly remove the unpopular books. 
  • We expect you to keep the contents of the library tidy. Furthermore, you put a sticker of the mini library in the new books. 
  • The Kanaalzone includes the districts: Lindenholt, Dukenburg, Weezenhof, Hatert, Neerbosch-Oost (i.e. the neighbourhoods bordering the canal). 
Tuesday 9 May 2023, 9 am - 5 pm
Contact information

Studio Kanaalzone is the official organiser of the gesture. Regina Behoekoe Namradja is the contact person: regina.behoekoenamradja [at]