Maria Montessori zit aan tafel en leest een boek
Maria Montessori zit aan tafel en leest een boek

Montessori meeting: The nature of bias in decision-making

Thursday 2 May 2024, 4 pm

! CANCELLED: Unfortunately, due to illness of the speaker, this meeting has been cancelled. 

Join our Montessori meeting to discuss the nature of bias in decision-making. Lieke Asma will help us gain insights into implicit bias. 

The nature of bias in decision-making

In the literature on implicit bias, it is often assumed that an underlying psychological state, an implicit attitude, is causally responsible for implicitly biased behavior and, additionally, that this causal explanation characterizes the behavior as such. Simply put, certain behavior counts as implicit discrimination if it is caused by an implicit discriminatory psychological state. In this talk I critically reflect on this assumption, and argue that we should first ask why we fail to recognize the behavior itself, i.e., the outcome of the decision-making process, as discriminatory. Taking this perspective implies changing the kinds of questions we ask about implicit bias. How can we think we responded to one fact, e.g., a person’s credentials, while in fact we took irrelevant social facts into account? And how do we even come to recognize these behaviors as discriminatory?

About the Author

Lieke Asma is philosopher and psychologist. Since April 2018, she is employed at the Munich School of Philosophy, where she was part of a research project on the relationship between implicit motives and human flourishing. In July 2021, she received an individual research grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for the project Implicit bias: What are we missing?. Her Dutch book on implicit bias, Blinde vlekken, was published in March 2024.

Thursday 2 May 2024, 4 pm
MM 03.120