New concept for a mechanical cardiac support

Tuesday 14 November 2023, 4:30 pm
PhD student
D.I.M. van Dort
prof. dr. W.J. Morshuis, prof. dr. D.J. Duncker
dr. G.S.C. Geuzebroek, dr. J. Thannhauser

The human heart pumps an average of 5 liters of blood per minute through the body, totaling more than 150 million liters of blood over a lifetime. Disruptions in blood circulation, such as heart failure, have severe health consequences. Mechanical devices are used to support blood circulation. Part 1 of the thesis examines the effects of the Impella® and introduces the concept of co-pulsatile mechanical support, which maintains blood flow in collaboration with the heart. Experiments show that co-pulsatile support can make a positive contribution to the heart, even in critical situations. Part 2 discusses the development and valorization of medical devices. The V+ model is introduced to consider all aspects of development and reimbursement. Protecting intellectual property, such as patents, is addressed in chapters 9 and 10. The concept of co-pulsatile support has multiple patents. In summary, the thesis investigates blood circulation support, introduces co-pulsatile mechanical support, discusses development models, and emphasizes the importance of intellectual property for medical innovations.         

Daniël (born in 1988) obtained his medical degree from Radboudumc in 2015, where he immediately started working as a medical resident in cardiothoracic surgery. He combined his clinical work with his doctoral research. During the course of his research, he founded the spin-off company CardiacBooster BV, where he currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer.