Novel, open, surgical techniques for inguinal hernia repair.

Wednesday 3 July 2024, 2:30 pm
PhD candidate
W.J.V. Bökkerink
prof. dr. C.J.H.M. van Laarhoven, prof. dr. P.W.H.E. Vriens (Tilburg University)
dr. G.G. Konig

Approximately one in four men develops an inguinal hernia. The inguinal hernia repair operation is the most performed surgery in the Netherlands. Many years, researchers quested for the best surgical technique. The research focusses on the prevention of recurrences and chronic pain. This dissertation shows that the results of the newest, open surgical techniques are good. These techniques, the open preperitoneal repair methods, result in a fast recovery and limited number of complications (ENTREPPMENT trial). Surgeons however do need to take some time to learn the techniques. Also when the hernia returns (a recurrence), this can be repaired well. Further research is needed to see how these techniques should be implemented optimally.

Willem Bökkerink (1988) received his medical degree from the Radboud University. He worked as physician and PhD-candidate in several hospitals (Tilburg, Ede, Harderwijk, Nijmegen) where he combined clinical work, research and education. Since 2018 he is a resident in training to become a Surgeon, currently in Arnhem.