Active Bystander Training
Active Bystander Training

Online Active Bystander Training

Monday 15 April 2024, 10 am

Radboud University sees social safety as a central condition for well-being, good collaboration, quality of research & teaching and (scientific) integrity. We are therefore committed to further promoting an inclusive and safe organisational culture.

An important initiative is the Active Bystander Training. During this concise session, you will gain insight into how to respond adequately to undesirable behaviour. Examples include:

  • bullying in the workplace
  • violation of scientific integrity
  • sexual harassment
  • implicit or explicit discrimination

Contribute to a good work environment

What steps do you take to make a positive impact? You will learn four techniques and tactics for effectively addressing people who show undesirable behaviour. Setting boundaries prevents the continuation or normalisation of unacceptable behaviour.

For whom?

The training is offered to all employees and supervisors. We invite you to take part in one of the 1.5 hour sessions that can accommodate 35 participants. Tip: sign up with several colleagues or with the whole team. The training is most effective when teams speak the same language for adequately addressing undesirable behaviour.

Please note that there are different dates to register for this training (online and in person).

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Monday 15 April 2024, 10 am
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