Cover image: Updating The Interpretive Turn
Cover image: Updating The Interpretive Turn

Online Book Symposium: Updating the Interpretive Turn

Friday 17 May 2024, 7 pm - 10:30 pm
New Arguments in Hermeneutics

While hermeneutics is firmly established as a tradition and methodology in the human sciences, interpretive philosophy seems to be under increasing pressure in recent philosophical trends such as the “posthuman turn,” the “nonhuman turn,” and the “speculative turn.” Responding to this predicament, Updating the Interpretive Turn shows how hermeneutics is gaining new force and fresh applications today by bringing together a group of both upcoming hermeneutic philosophers and more seasoned scholars. 

In the wake of the so-called “interpretive turn” in the human sciences in the 20th century, marking the key differences with the natural sciences (Heidegger, Gadamer, Ricoeur, Taylor), the volume highlights the contribution of hermeneutics to a range of timely debates in addressing such timely topics as the entanglement of social science, culture, and politics in liberal capi­talist societies, the extremism with which some identities are held within those societies, the nature of moral judgment and social dialogue in a “post-truth” era, the significance of interpretation for understanding non-human life forms, and the inherently hermeneutic dimension of such practices as work and productive action, testimony and witnessing, and measurement in scientific practice. 

During this symposium, moderated by Gert-Jan van der Heiden, book editor Michiel Meijer elaborates on the rationale for Updating the Interpretive Turn, followed by presentations and discussions of four chapters by their authors: Hanna Meretoja, Nicholas Smith, Jason Blakely, and Georgia Warnke.

The programme

19:00-19:05 Opening
Gert-Jan van der Heiden (Nijmegen, Center for Contemporary European Philosophy)

19:05-19:20 Introduction: Hermeneutics in the Wake of the Interpretive Turn
Michiel Meijer (Antwerp, Center for European Philosophy and book editor)

19:20-19:40 A Hermeneutics of Dialogical Understanding in the “Post-Truth” Era
Hanna Meretoja (Turku)
19:40-19:45 Comment by Nicholas Smith
19:45-20:00 Questions from the audience

20:00-20:20 Hermeneutics as a Metaphilosophy and a Philosophy of Work
Nicholas Smith (Connecticut)
20:20-20:25 Comment by Hanna Meretoja
20:25-20:40 Questions from the audience

20:40-21:00 Break

21:00-21:20 World-Making in the Social Sciences
Jason Blakely (Pepperdine)
21:20-21:25 Comment by Georgia Warnke
21:25-21:40 Questions from the audience

21:40-22:00 Hermeneutics and Polarized Identities
Georgia Warnke (California)
22:00-22:05 Comment by Jason Blakely
22:05-22:20 Questions from the audience

22:20 Closing remarks
Gert-Jan van der Heiden (Nijmegen)

More information about the chapters being discussed can be found in the document below. 


This symposium is co-organised by Center for European Philosophy and Center for Contemporary European Philosophy.



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Friday 17 May 2024, 7 pm - 10:30 pm
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