Open Monument Day 2023

Saturday 9 September 2023, 10 am - 5 pm

On the occasion of Open Monument Day 2023, Radboud Heritage will present the campus' academic heritage and university monuments on Saturday 9 September from 10 am. From Radboud University, Huize Heyendael, the Huygens Building, the Berchmanianum, the Aula and the University Library will be open to the public.

Huize Heyendaal  

Geert Grooteplein Noord 9
Sat 10-15 h
Only accessible with guided tour (max. 15 pers.) Guided tours from 11 am, last one starts at 2 pm

The successful margarine manufacturer Frans Jurgens had this country house with spacious front garden built. Both the exterior and the interior exude much splendour, which had to represent the status of this wealthy industrialist. Inside, ceiling paintings, chimney pieces and a stained-glass window depicting a family in medieval costume, possibly the Jurgens family. 1912-1913, Charles Estourgie, neo-Holland Renaissance.

The Huygens Building

Heyendaalseweg 135
Sat 13 -16 h
Guided tours to various departments within the building

The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science has been in the Huygens Building since 2005. Two optical telescopes can be seen on the roof and a Foucault pendulum hangs in the central hall and a special display of the periodic table is on display. In the various departments, there are collections of minerals, fossils, prepared animals and research instruments. Right next to the building, there are special facilities like the magnet lab and the greenhouse complex. They clearly show what education is about and what the researchers in this building are engaged in.

Radboud University auditorium

Comeniuslaan 2
Sat 10-15 h
Short lectures by university historian Dr Jan Brabers at 14:00.

The Aula is the place for the most important academic ceremonies: promotions, orations and farewell lectures. It is an open building with lots of glass and a large hall. It radiates hospitality, exactly as intended when it was built around 1988. The auditorium is also the place where a lot of university history can be seen: senate room with the gallery with portraits of rectors, central hall with plaque with the names of students, alumni and professors who died in World War II. And a display case with sigila of student disciples.


Houtlaan 4          
Sat 11-15 h
Guided tours of the building

The Berchmanianum has been the Academy Building of Radboud University since 2018. Built in 1929 as a study house for the Jesuits, this monumental building was named after Saint Jan Berchmans (1599-1621). The concept of architects Joseph Cuypers and son Pierre is easily recognisable. The undulation in the south facade is reminiscent of the Amsterdam School style, corridors and staircases have the original colourful stone panelling. In the former chapel, stained-glass windows designed by Joep Nicolas sparkle. The new main entrance opens onto the university campus.

University Library

Erasmuslaan 36
Sat 10-16 h
Short lectures on special items from the collections

The University Library is the treasure trove on campus. In the vault and in special depots, almost five kilometres of special book holdings can be found. Its oldest heritage, seven papyrus fragments, was created some two thousand years ago. The building also houses other heritage collections, such as that of the Catholic Documentation Centre, with objects and archives showing the history of Catholic Holland. The recently opened Heritage Collection Study Room showcases masterpieces: illustrated books, medieval manuscripts, and records of the hundred-year-old Radboud University.

Saturday 9 September 2023, 10 am - 5 pm
Radboud University