Pilot new UTQ track Nijmegen School of Management

Wednesday 1 March 2023, 8 pm

Lecturers at the Nijmegen School of Management can participate in a pilot for a new UTQ track. The pilot will most likely start at the end of February and continue throughout the calendar year 2023. We expect to conduct the intake interviews in February 2023.

The new working method will be developed in a number of ways during the pilot. We will therefore start on a small scale. A maximum of 10 lecturers per participating faculty can take part in the pilot. During the pilot, based on the agreements you made during the intake, you will start developing your UTQ competence domain. You will be supervised by a UTQ coach and a supervisor/mentor from your own faculty. The aim is for you to complete at least one competency domain during the pilot year and, if possible, more.

When are you eligible to participate?

  • You are a lecturer and will be gaining teaching experience in the coming calendar year that matches at least two UTQ competence domains. Or you are a PhD student with a distinct eductional role in the calendar year 2023 that matches the competence domain 'teaching' or 'supervising students' in terms of experience.
  • You work at the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, Nijmegen School of Management, Faculty of Science or Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Your supervisor supports your participation in the pilot.
  • You can cope well with the fact that during the pilot phase, the approach is still in development and, as a result, there will sometimes be uncertainties about the approach or route.
  • Your contract at Radboud University will run at least until the end of 2023.
Wednesday 1 March 2023, 8 pm
Education Support
* Mandatory field
After receiving permission from your supervisor to participate in the pilot, you can apply via the form below. 

Applications are open until 1 March 2023. We will inform you about your possible participation in the pilot at the beginning of March.
Lecturers of Radboud Teachers Academy, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Medical Sciences cannot participate in this pilot. They follow the UTQ trajectory of their faculty/department.
Has your supervisor agreed to possible participation?
(which courses do you teach and what is your role in the course? Do you supervise students during their internship or thesis?)
Is there a deadline for obtaining your UTQ?
Do you already have a supervisor or mentor who will supervise you during your UTQ track?