medewerkersoverleg met grafiek
medewerkersoverleg met grafiek

Pimp your PowerPoint

During this workshop, you'll discover how your PowerPoint presentation can enhance your message. Learn more about style, design, and visualization.


    Content of the training

    During the workshop, you'll discover how your PowerPoint presentation can enhance your message. We'll achieve this by exploring its purpose, style, design, and visualization. We'll showcase examples from colleagues, share practical tips, and you'll have the opportunity to Pimp your PowerPoint presentation on the spot. 

    Target audience

    This workshop is for anyone who gives presentations. Whether it's in education, policy, research or other opportunities that involves using PowerPoint. 

    Method during the training

    Do you use PowerPoint, but do you lack the skills to create great presentations? Let's take your PowerPoint knowledge to another level and take a different approach to designing presentations! In this session, we will discuss the purpose of PowerPoint presentations and how slide design affects students’ attention and learning outcomes. Based on examples from real courses, we will discuss the creative and proper use of text, images and colour. You will go home with insights and practical tips on topics like contrast copyright, and color picking, amongst others. Throughout this workshop, you'll actively engage with the material. And if you want to apply them on the fly: bring your laptop and PowerPoint  

    Starting date

    05 June 2024, 10:30 am
    Educational method
    Main Language
    05 June 2024, 10:30 am - 12 pm
    Deadline registration
    03 June 2024, 12 am
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    Powerpoint 05-06


    Type of education
    Education Support

    Contact information

    For questions or comments you can reach out to Mark Graner via mark.graner [at]