PPIMM day 2023

Thursday 25 May 2023, 12 am

IMM has a PhD panel which includes IMM PhD candidates of all three themes: PhD panel IMM (PPIMM). On Thursday 25 May, the annual PPIMM day will take place in Fletcher Hotel in Berg en Dal.

PPIMM Day 2023

More information about this event will follow later.

PhD panel IMM

PPIMM aims to increase the interaction between IMM PhD candidates. This panel will organise activities for and by PhD candidates like workshops, colloquia and/or a symposium. It is also a platform to discuss courses or issues that you encounter throughout your PhD.  The PhD representative is the head of this panel and has an advisory role for the board.

Thursday 25 May 2023, 12 am
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PPIMM team

The PPIMM team members are: