Private investment disputes at Kifid. Viewed from the fundamental principles of due process

Wednesday 5 April 2023, 4:30 pm
A. Lenaerts mr.
prof. mr. D. Busch, prof. mr. C.J.M. Klaassen
Faculty of Law

The Stichting Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening (Financial Services Complaints Institute Foundation, Kifid) is an alternative to the national courts in disputes concerning the provision of investment services to consumers. For consumers and financial institutions, it is important that proceedings at Kifid meet certain quality standards. 
The question at the heart of this publication is the extent to which the fundamental principles of due process are reflected and guaranteed in the Kifid proceedings. Where necessary, the author puts forward recommendations on how Kifid could improve their proceedings to further embed the fundamental principles of due process. 

Sikkema-Lenaerts is an Assistant Professor of Financial Law at Radboud University.