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  • Employee meeting invitation about the development of the sustainable workplace concept

    On Thursday 8 June, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies are organising a meeting to inform their staff about the progress in the development of the workplace concept.

  • Valedictory lecture by Professor Anneke Smelik

    On Thursday 8 June 2023, Professor Anneke Smelik will give her valedictory lecture (in Dutch) titled Meditation on Fashion.

  • Helleke van den Braber

    KKN Lecture by Helleke van den Braber

    This is a Dutch event. Visit the Dutch page for more information.

  • Revisioning Colonial Childhoods.

    How can colonial historians make children more visible as acting persons?

  • Establishing intersubjectivity in cross-signing


  • Omslag boek Verlichte Verhalen

    Presentation of book on the Dutch Enlightenment by assistant professor Eleá de la Porte

    About the book Assistant professor of political history Eleá de la Porte received her PhD in 2019 for her research on historical thinking and identity formation during the Dutch Enlightenment.

  • Inaugural lecture prof. dr. A. Arvaniti

    You can follow the inaugural lecture online via 

  • Maria Montessorigebouw

    International Network of Address Research Workshop (INAR 7)

    The seventh workshop of the International Network of Address Research (INAR) will take place at Radboud University. The aim of this international workshop is to bring together scholars interested in address research and related phenomena.

  • Faculty Party

    A big party will be organised on Thursday the 21st of September 2023. During this party, you will be completely immersed in the '20s. Make sure that your most beautiful outfit is ready for this and that you, your fellow students, and/or colleagues save the date!

  • Inaugural speech prof. dr. B. Adriaensen


  • Final Activity Lustrum Year

    Even though further details about our final Lustrum activity will follow, a fun closing of this special year should not and obviously will not be forgotten. Therefore: save the date! Make sure that Thursday 14 December 2023 is marked in your calendar to not miss out on this fun event.