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Radboud Reflects - Music & Talk

Saturday 21 October 2023, 3 pm - 5 pm

Why do we believe what we believe? What exactly are our beliefs based on? In her latest EP Fractalnoia, rising star Cassandra Onck describes her search for a new grip in a post-truth era. Come listen to a performance by Cassandra Onck and to the short in-depth conversation with philosophers Nina de Boer and Harmen Ghijsen on the origins of our beliefs.

Saturday 21 October (15:00 - 15:30 & 16:30 - 17:00) | Spiegeltent Radboud Art & Science

Music & Talk - Why do we believe what we believe?

Is it more important what is or what I think? Philosopher Nina de Boer discusses how we shape ourselves and our lives based on these stories and beliefs.
How do we know what we know? Philosopher Harmen Ghijsen addresses the question to what extent do we base our knowledge on others and the consensus of the majority? Why do we trust certain people or institutions more than others as reliable sources of knowledge?

Music and philosophy. The ideal combination at Radboud Art & Science. Come along!

About Radboud Reflects

Radboud Reflects organises in-depth lectures for everyone on current affairs.

Radboud Art & Science Festival

This event is part of Radboud Art & Science. On 19, 20 and 21 October, immerse yourself in the world of art and science on the university campus.

Let yourself be transported to the past through music, film, and dance. Walk past photo exhibitions, light installations and visual art that give you a unique perspective of the campus. There will also be live concerts, performances, and interactive performances in unexpected places. In doing so, we delve into the university's heritage, history and day-to-day operations, and explore the stories of students, researchers and other staff.   

Entrance to Radboud Art & Science is free and everyone is welcome. Will you be there? 

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Saturday 21 October 2023, 3 pm - 5 pm
Radboud Reflects
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More information can be found on the Radboud Reflects website: https://www.ru.nl/radboudreflects/agenda/lezingen/vm/2023/music-talk-waarom-geloven-we-we-geloven-radboud/