Schemerlicht - Art & Science festival
Schemerlicht - Art & Science festival


Thursday 19 October 2023, 6:30 pm - Saturday 21 October 2023, 5 pm

'Schemerlicht' wants to help people in this day and age become aware of their place in this changing world. Not by showing its visitors art, but by letting them experience art. Not by explaining a scientific thesis to the visitors, but by letting the visitor encounter it. Two artworks will therefore be exhibited during Radboud Art & Science.

Thursday 19 October until Saturday 21 October | Location to be announced later

Artwork 1: VOLUME (Elsemarijn Bruijs, in collaboration with Linda Carton)

Breathe in. Breathe out. To imagine oxygen deprivation, creator Elsemarijn Bruys devised VOLUME: an abstract simulation of breathing. You are literally oppressed by the pulsating movement of this work. The installation looks like a living being, in the form of a volume in time and space. It is also an object, which is actually nothing more than a bag filled with the same air we all breathe every day. An object that points us to the power, presence and volume of air.

In collaboration with scientist Linda Carton of the Smart Emission Project, the installation is also a measuring point. This involves examining how the air quality is at different locations. The particulate matter content of this location can be read on the measuring equipment. The European Union sets requirements for air quality in member states. For example, there are limit values for the maximum permissible concentrations of particulate matter ( PM10 (particulate matter)) and the finer fraction of particulate matter ( PM2.5 (particulate matter)) in the air.

Artwork 2: Into Thin Air (Sandipan Nath & Sebastiaan Smink)

Into Thin Air forms an urban air archive and suspended microbial ecosystem. It consists of an imposing curtain of thousands of petri dishes, which capture invisible particles in the air, presenting the microbial footprint of the Radboud Campus. As a cross-section of air layers, the work thereby visualises that the Radboud Campus is a dynamic ecosystem, where in addition to human inhabitants and the built environment, there is also a diversity of other invisible inhabitants. This sheds new light on the relationship between our bodies and our environment, allowing us to review what it means to be human.

About 'Schemerlicht Festival'

Where day turns into night, there is a time zone of endless possibilities. In the twilight, we meet, ask questions, and find answers. In that moment, boundaries blur: between day and night, between reality and fantasy and between you, your fellow man and the world. The next day, you take that parallel world into your existence, a lasting experience that results in a permanently different view of the world. That experience can teach you to let go for a while, or to tackle something; to learn to look at something with a slightly different perspective.

Radboud Art & Science Festival

This event is part of Radboud Art & Science. On 19, 20 and 21 October, immerse yourself in the world of art and science on the university campus.

Let yourself be transported to the past through music, film, and dance. Walk past photo exhibitions, light installations and visual art that give you a unique perspective of the campus. There will also be live concerts, performances, and interactive performances in unexpected places. In doing so, we delve into the university's heritage, history and day-to-day operations, and explore the stories of students, researchers and other staff.

Entrance to Radboud Art & Science is free and everyone is welcome. Will you be there? 

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Thursday 19 October 2023, 6:30 pm - Saturday 21 October 2023, 5 pm
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