Scientific Writing for a Lay Audience

In this information age, why is it that misinformation seems to win out over science?  As science becomes more complex, parts of the general public are giving up on understanding what scientists do and instead turn to less expert sources of information like the internet, social media, and friends.

Under these circumstances, it has never been more important for scientists and academics to come down from their ivory towers and learn to communicate new scientific findings in a clear and engaging way. Scientific Writing for a Lay Audience aims to introduce you to the basics of popular science writing so that you can bring important scientific knowledge to a wider audience.


    During this course you will:

    • learn about the features of different types of popular scientific text
    • become familiar with the stylistic, linguistic and structural writing conventions of popular science writing
    • receive feedback on the accessibility of the scientific knowledge you present from students who are not from your field
    • become more confident about your writing skills and more likely to enjoy the writing process

    What does the course involve?

    By planning and writing two articles aimed at a lay audience, you will learn about the key features of the popular science genre and develop your writing skills in English. Through a combination of in-class exercises, writing tasks and a planned interview with a scientific expert of your choosing, you will learn how to structure and present scientific information so that the significance of this work can be grasped by the wider public. You also will learn the basics of text structure, and you will have the opportunity to work on grammatical and vocabulary issues so that your writing comes across as professional and convincing.


    This course will be taught by Wendy Naylor. Wendy is a trainer at in’to Languages specialising in communication, language development, and teacher education. With over fifteen years’ experience of teaching, Wendy has delivered a wide range of  courses in general English, business English, teacher training and academic English.  She has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language and is studying a second Masters in Education and International Development.  She enjoys supporting students to express their ideas and communicate their research to different audiences internationally and experimenting with Edtech as a tool for developing teaching, communication, and language skills.


    The course consists of 4 sessions which will take place on Tuesday evenings 18.00 - 20.00 hrs.

    The Honours Academy and Radboud in’to Languages believe that the best learning happens when we collaborate in the same workspace, so your physical presence is required! If you know that you cannot attend one or more sessions, pick a different course so you can get the most out of this experience with your fellow students.

    Note: Students of the Honours Programme Medical Sciences cannot participate in this training. The training is almost identical to one they have already taken.

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