Self-help Studying Successfully

Who is this course for?

This is an self enrollment course in Brightspace. It is designed for students that want to improve their study behavior and feel that can they can do so by themselves in their own time. They only need some tools and a little guidance. This self help module could provide the necessary tools and guidance.

What will you learn?

The module has a large variety in study related content that can be used in any order the students sees fit to engage in. Every topic has three basic components that are addressed; one’s behaviors, one’s convictions, and one’s feelings. Together they can give you the necessary insight to change your study strategies for the better.

How do you apply?

The Brightspace page is a self enrollment module so any student registered at this university can gain access via the Osiris code:


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    Do you have questions about this self-help? Please contact sacursus [at] (sacursus[at]ru[dot]nl)