Self-help thesis writing

Deze zelfhulpmodule heeft ook een Nederlandse versie. 

The self-help module thesis writing is for students who want to start their (bachelor or master) thesis but don’t know exactly how it works.

If you don’t feel the need for a course or workshop (or you do not want to wait for it) and you consider yourself perfectly capable of working with online materials, then this is a course for you. All the materials are classified under a specific title in the Content section. Questions that are addressed are: What is the purpose of a thesis? What are the competencies involved? What are the criteria for a central question? Each folder has texts, handouts and assignments that deal with that particular subject. There is a certain order in the material but you have the freedom to skip things or use a different order. Ultimately you will have to translate the information into what it means for your work and your thesis.

Writing a thesis isn’t like following the recipe in a cookbook.  There are plenty of “ingredients” in this module but you have to bring them together to make the desired “dish”.

How do I sign up?

You can register via Osiris with course code: ASB-SHTHESIS22


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Send an e-mail to SAcursus [at] for more information regarding this self-help module.

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