Special seminar: Orbital Magnetism Out of Equilibrium for Spin Control

Wednesday 8 May 2024, 10:30 am

In modern magnetism, the spin degree of freedom has served as a traditional foundation for various phenomena and magnetic applications which form the core of the field known as spintronics. The conventional paradigms of spintronics are being constantly challenged in the quest for alternative, more efficient means of magnetization control and manipulation. In my talk I will introduce and discuss the basic principles behind generation of orbital angular momentum in systems taken out of equilibrium by external fields. In particular, I will focus on the theoretical description of phenomenon of electrical generation of currents of orbital angular momentum in various materials, and its relation to the geometry of the electronic states in solids. After that, I will discuss the microscopics of interaction of non-equlibrium orbital angular momentum with spin magnetization, which can ultimately result in magnetization dynamics and efficient magnetization switching. By referring to recent experiments, I will discuss the peculiarities of orbital current behavior in heterostrcutures, and will try to draw a wider picture of orbital angular momentum as a link among various degrees of freedom in complex materials.  As a key message of my talk, I will suggest that unleashing non-equilibrium orbital physics – thereby ingniting a coupling of spin and orbital degrees of freedom in diverse classes of materials – can lead to much richer physics than expected previously, and might provide a key to realization of novel properties of quantum materials as well as energy-efficient applications within the paradigm of orbitronics.

prof. Yuri Mokrousov
Wednesday 8 May 2024, 10:30 am
prof. Yuri Mokrousov - Forschungszentrum Jülich and Institute of Physics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Huygens building, HG00.616