Radboudgebaren anoniem3
Radboudgebaren anoniem3

Stargazing: 100 telescopes celebrating 100 years Radboud University

Friday 12 May 2023, 8 pm - 10 pm
A Radboud Gesture

Stargazing at the Lentse Warande is on tonight!

The astronomy department wants to celebrate 100 years Radboud University by gathering 100 telescopes and binoculars in one place. Do you own a telescope, but don’t really know how it works? Want to buy a telescope or binoculars and want advice on which one to purchase? Seasoned amateur and want to get in contact with others? Our professional astronomers will be at your service for tips and tricks and are happy to use their network to help you further your hobby. We will observe Mars and Venus together, and maybe even try our hand at one of the Messier objects in the sky.  

Bring your own telescope or binoculars. Parking space at the Lentse Warande.  

The event will only take place with a clear or partly clouded sky. Before leaving home, check the website for the latest news. 


Lentse Warande in Lent, opposite ‘The Face of Nijmegen’  

For who?

From 7 years old

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Friday 12 May 2023, 8 pm - 10 pm
Faculty of Science
Contact information

This event is organised by staff and students from the astronomy department, the KNVWS and amateur astronomers from the region, in cooperation with NOVA.  

Questions can be directed to Amanda Schut via a.schut [at] astro.ru.nlrel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"