FSR Week van de Medezeggenschap
FSR Week van de Medezeggenschap

Student Participation Week Faculty of Science

Monday 19 February 2024, 12 am - Friday 23 February 2024, 11:30 pm
From 19 to 23 February the Student Participation Week will be ongoing. Each break there will be an activity, like input sessions, a lunch lecture and an information market. There will also be free lunch at some activities!

Are you interested in attending the input sessions and lunch lecture during the theme week? If so, please sign up. This is not compulsory, but mainly an indication for us, for how much space and lunch is needed.

Lunch will be arranged for the following activities. So sign up if you would like to come so that there is enough. You can also send in any questions you would like to ask as advance notice so that the speaker can also answer substantive questions sufficiently.


Input session with the Dean

Monday 19 February from 12:30 to 13:15 in HG00.068

Have a conversation with Sijbrand de Jong about issues of self-development or social safety; what can the faculty do for you to help you in your development during your studies? Do you participate in activities organised by student associations, or do you organise them yourself? Can the faculty help you grow in these very areas to become an expert not only in your field of study, but also as a professional in general? The dean will be happy to discuss these themes with you, although all kinds of questions and topics are welcome!

Lunch Lecture on Student Participation

Wednesday 21 February from 12:30 to 13:15 in HG00.062

Over a tasty free lunch, a former student and a staff member will tell you what a student has to say in our faculty. After all, your opinion matters as a student, but it is important to know how. Are you interested in how our faculty works together with students or are you possibly even interested in joining a student council yourself? Then don't hesitate to register your interest for this lunch lecture.

Meet the Vice Dean of Education

Thursday 22 February from 12:30 to 13:15 in HG00.062

Have a conversation with our new Vice Dean of Education, Laura van Niftrik, about issues that arise in your studies. How can faculty help you pass your studies? How can faculty ensure that the workload is manageable? How can we ensure that you as a student are completely comfortable in your studies? Talk to Laura van Niftrik about these issues, or whatever topic you want to discuss yourself.

Monday 19 February 2024, 12 am - Friday 23 February 2024, 11:30 pm
Huygens building
Faculty of Science
Contact information

For more information, please get in touch with the Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Science at fsc [at] science.ru.nl.

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