Studying Successfully

During this workshop you will learn to become more strategic in your activities. You will learn to prioritize. This means making conscious choices to structure your time and activities more to your advantage.


    Are you struggling with your studies at the Radboud University? Can’t you keep up despite the fact that you are working hard? Do you have the feeling that you are not “getting it” like lots of your fellow students seem to be? Then sign up! We explicitly invite international students to enroll for this workshop as well.

    The following topics will be addressed: 

    • Keeping up with the pace. There’s a lot of content presented in a high tempo. How do I process the right information quickly? 
    • Planning and structure. There are a lot of different assignments and deadlines close together. How do I prioritize and plan my activities?
    • Passing exams. There is a difference between recalling the content and understanding the content. How can I understand the content in the way that is expected of me?
    • Pressure and expectations. The consequences for delays and failures can be quite high. How do I deal with that pressure? 
    • Communication. The university community can be hard to interact with. How can I communicate better with teachers, fellow students and other people so that I understand better what to do? 

    Can you relate to one or more of these issues? Apply for the workshop! They will be addressed in a plenary session and you with get the opportunity to work with some of the topics. 

    How to enroll:

    You can enroll yourself in the workshop via Osiris code ASB-STUDSUC-24. As there is a limited amount of places available please be sure you really plan to attend before you sign up. 

    Please note: the workshop will be live on campus and no recordings will be made. 

    Starting date

    13 March 2024, 2:30 pm
    Main Language
    André Baars


    Type of education
    Student Support

    Contact information

    Do you have questions about this workshop? Please contact sacursus [at]