Supporting patients’ medication management using eHealth

Friday 10 March 2023, 12:30 pm
B. Pouls
prof. dr. B.J.F. van den Bemt, prof. dr. A.M. van Dulmen
dr. J.E. Vriezekolk, dr. C.L. Bekker

Most chronic illnesses are treated with medication. Using medication right is not always easy, especially when they are many. In order to support patients in using their medication, three eHealth (= digital health) applications were researched: an electronic injection device, an app for monitoring gout flare symptoms and a serious puzzle gaming app to enhance medication adherence.


It turned out that patients were positive on the ease of use of the applications but divided on its potential use. The applications improved the use of medication for some, but not all. The following preconditions help increase the chance of eHealth applications being used effectively:

-              Use eHealth as a means, not as a goal.

-              Involve patients in each step of care renewal to ensure eHealth meets patients’ needs.

-              Ensure alternatives for eHealth as eHealth is not suitable for all.

Bart Pouls graduated as a pharmacist at Utrecht University in 2013. He worked as a pharmacist in general practice and in institutions for the intellectually disabled and the elderly. In 2018 he started his PhD at the Sint Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen which he finished in 2022. Bart is currently lecturer at the pharmacy department of the Radboud university medical centre.