Take control of your thesis

During the training 'Take control of your thesis' you analyse your thesis process and find starting points to get and/or keep moving with your thesis.


    This training is in Dutch. 

    What will you learn?

    Are you struggling with making progress on your thesis? Do you put writing your thesis off, or do you experience writer's block? Do you miss the contact with your fellow students? If you've answered “yes” to any of the above, you are welcome to register for the take control of your thesis training programme.

    In the take control of your thesis training programme, you will learn to analyse your thesis process in a way that allows you to find leads to start and/or continue to move forward with your thesis. You will get tools to help you create more overview in your thesis, and give it a place in your day. You will also learn to handle doubts and insecurities in a constructive way. You will have the opportunity to exchange tips and advice with other group members and, together, formulate feasible goals, also after the training programme.

    How do you register?

    To take part in the programme, you first need to plan an intake interview with a study trainer. To do so, please complete the online intake form. Once you have completed the intake form, you can plan an intake with a study trainer.

    In the second semester, the Take Control of your Times training programme will start up a few more times. Would you like help with your thesis process? Then sign up for an intake interview.

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    Do you have questions about this training? Please contact sacursus [at] ru.nl