Foto H. Guenter
Foto H. Guenter

The Dynamics of Employee Voice and Silence: An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation

Wednesday 26 June 2024, 1 pm - 2 pm

From the subtle undercurrents of discrimination to the overt torrents of bullying and harassment, workplace mistreatment manifests in myriad forms that can undermine both individual dignity and organizational integrity. The prevalence of mistreatment in organizations underscores the critical need for employees to speak up to foster a safe culture. This event will provide novel insights into the dynamics of employee speaking up or remaining silent in organizations.
First, Hannes will talk about an empirical investigation into how newcomers’ likelihood to speak up or remain silent evolve over time, with a particular focus on the role of organizational socialization. Specifically, Hannes will share insights into the distinct trajectories of speaking up or remaining silent and shed light on the changing behavior of newcomers as they become more familiar with their roles and the organizational context. Focusing on newcomers is crucial because their initial experiences and the organizational socialization they undergo fundamentally shape their propensity to either use their voice to challenge issues or remain silent, thus setting the trajectory for their future engagement and the overall health of the workplace culture.
Then, Hannes will introduce some novel theoretical considerations on how speaking up or and remaining silent form part of a dynamic process. To this end, Hannes will introduce a typology that distinguishes different ways in which speaking up and remaining silent may connect over time, such as persistent voice and breaking the silence.
Then, Hannes will discuss why and when employees persist or revise their initial decisions to speak up or remain silent on one and the same issue over time. Finally, Hannes will highlight opportunities for future research. Attending this talk will offer theoretical and practical insights for understanding and fostering (new) employees' voicing behaviors.

Wednesday 26 June 2024, 1 pm - 2 pm
Hannes Günter
Maria Montessori building, MM 04.650
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