The position of the worker in platform work

Wednesday 26 June 2024, 12:30 pm
PhD candidate
mr. J. Kloostra
prof. mr. L.G. Verburg, prof. mr. F.G. Laagland

Platform work is an employment model whereby temporary workers carry out assignments for various clients via online platforms. These assignments range from delivering meals and doing odd jobs to providing professional services such as graphic design and programming, among others. Platform work offers flexibility for both workers and clients, but it also raises fundamental questions about labour rights, social protection, and work stability. The emergence of platform work is changing the traditional labour market and is leading to debate on its regulation and impact on society and the economy. This makes this research topic highly relevant.

In his PhD thesis, Kloostra addresses the topic of platform work from both labour and competition law perspectives. He argues that both fields of law take a black-and-white approach that is at odds with the way labour relations are shaped in platform work. Platform workers show traits of employees and of self-employed workers, and they fall into a grey area between labour law and competition law. Moreover, these two fields of law are closely linked to one another. The growth of platform work and the diversity in business models is putting pressure on the all-or-nothing approach in both fields of law. This PhD thesis identifies the legal complications and analyses the topic from the perspective of national and European law.

Jorn Kloostra was born in Deventer on 30 September 1990.  He obtained his degree in Dutch Law from Radboud University in 2016. After graduating, Jorn briefly worked in legal practice before returning to Nijmegen in 2017. He worked at the Social Law Department (Business & Law Research Centre) as a lecturer and PhD candidate. During his appointment, he taught on various areas of labour and social security law. He also appeared several times as a guest speaker and taught postgraduate courses. On 1 February 2024, Jorn was appointed Assistant Professor of Social Law at Radboud University.