Groep pratende mensen tijdens een borrel
Groep pratende mensen tijdens een borrel

TLC Education Café - Art Based Methods

Thursday 26 October 2023, 4 pm - 5:30 pm
Talking about creative ways of assessment

The Education Café is the place to catch up with colleagues once a month on Thursday afternoons to discuss relevant, fun, thought-provoking and inspiring education topics.

Writing an essay or taking an exam are still the most common forms of assessment that we use. But there are so many other ways in which students can demonstrate they understand the subject matter.
During this Education Café, Vincent Meelberg will talk about his project with which he helps teachers to apply alternative methods of assessment. We discuss the usefulness and necessity of these types of final assignments and get examples of creative multimedia projects. 
Vincent explains what knowledge and skills a lecturer needs to assess these projects and how you, as a lecturer, can properly instruct your students.

Thursday 26 October 2023, 4 pm - 5:30 pm
Vincent Meelberg
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Every month, Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) organises an Education Café to put a spotlight on the experiences of lecturers of Radboud University. We will discuss current educational themes and have a drink together. Sign up and join the Education Café.
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