Towards a better understanding of how motor response training influences food evaluation

Wednesday 11 October 2023, 2:30 pm
PhD student
H. Liu MSc.
prof. dr. H.P. Veling, prof. dr. R.W. Holland, prof. dr. J. Blechtert

By changing their dietary choices, people can make some contribution to improve their physical health or reduce their impact on the environment. Since individual food decision-making is value-based, and to modify people’s dietary choices, we examined a way to influence the subjective value of food stimuli. In this dissertation, across seven empirical experiments, it is shown that the value of food stimuli can be changed with both non-reinforced and reinforced learning tasks. This work may contribute to a new understanding of how to influence evaluations of food and the development of more effective food behavior change interventions. 

I am now working as a Post-doctoral researcher at the Welcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging (WCHN), University College London. My research focuses on developing computational models of human avoidance learning under the context of threat and fear. In addition, I am also devising experimental procedures to disambiguate candidate cognitive models based on behavioral and neuroimaging data. Outside of work, I am an aficionado of K-pop and Korean drama and Korean foods. In addition, I love playing my clarinet and playing badminton.