Training of complex surgical skills using simulation models

Tuesday 4 April 2023, 12:30 pm
M. Joosten
prof. dr. I. de Blaauw
dr. S.M.B.I. Botden, dr. B.H. Verhoeven

In the field of pediatric surgery there are several rare diseases that require surgery. These surgeries in turn require complex surgical skills that cannot be acquired during the surgery alone. An alternative is practicing these skills on simulation models. This thesis shows that simulation models are available and can be used during hands-on workshops as well as for unsupervised at-home training. Furthermore, it is better to practice skills over a longer period of time instead of during one- or two-day courses, both for learning the skills as for retaining the skills. If skills are not used they will decay, therefore it is important to continue practicing these skills (on simulation models).

Maja Joosten (1992) obtained her Master’s degree in Medicine at the Radboud University in 2017 after which she worked as a doctor in de surgery department in Maasziekenhuis Pantein and Radboud university medical center. In 2019 she started with her PhD research at the department of pediatric surgery. Currently, she is working as a surgical resident at Zuyderland medisch centrum.