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  • Crazy Arts Challenges

    Between February and the end of November, you and your team will be challenged to complete the most playful and fun challenges to win a prize! Create your team with fellow students, colleagues and/or teachers. Each month, one team will be declared that month's winner.

  • buste Aletta Jacobs Groningen

    Exhibition "women in science" in Library of Science

    On May 23, the exhibition "women in science" will open in the Library of Science at FNWI. Manon Lambooij, history student, and Willem Halffman, scientist at FNWI (Institute of Science in Society) selected a selection of books by and about women in the sciences.

  • Picture Exhibition Travelling Regions

    Exhibition 'Travelling Regions' on display at the University Library

    The multimedia exhibition “Travelling Regions: Regional Stories in the Long Nineteenth Century” is now on display on the first floor in Radboud University Library (near the coffee corner) and will remain available until 30 September 2023.

  • Course Education in a Nutshell (EIN1 23-24)

    During this course, you will learn to relate basic didactic principles about learning and teaching to small group teaching at Radboud University.

  • Step towards the future

    The workshop Step into the Future helps you to give direction to your future.

  • Course Assessment and learning (A&L1)

    During this course and with the help of assignments that tie in with your own education, you work on improving your assessments. You will dive deeper into the relation between assessment and learning and what role assessment plays in education.

  • Take control of your thesis

    During the training 'Getting a grip on your thesis' you analyse your thesis process and find starting points to get and/or keep moving with your thesis.

  • Studying strategically

    During the strategic studying training you will receive advice on how to process large amounts of study material in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Stress management

    Tijdens de training stressmanagement leer je je stress beter (her)kennen en leer je hoe je negatieve gedachten te lijf gaat.

  • General language proficiency courses in English

    We offer general English language courses (Cambridge Examination Preparation) at several levels: B1 up to C2.

  • Self-management

    During the self-management training, you will take steps to find a study rhythm that suits you.

  • Studying with AD(H)D

    During the training studying with AD(H)D you will learn more about how AD(H)D and studying works best for you.

  • Banner van het CCEP met daarop een detail van de letters CCEP, donkerrood tegen een felrode achtergrond.

    The critic of violence in Levinas and Derrida

    This lecture is part of the monthly CCEP Lecture Series hosted by the 

  • Lecture: The critic of violence in Levinas and Derrida

    It unfolds two main arguments. The first one is that the problem of violence in Levinas entails focusing on the subjet’s structures and not on its relation to the Other. The second is that a critic of violence entails understanding the relation between language, silence and thought. 

  • Free wraps to thank you for participating in the National Student Survey

    Radboud University would like to thank all students who completed the National Student Survey 2023 early this year. That is why free vegan wraps will be handed out at lunchtime on Tuesday 26 September.

  • Dr Fons Meijer

    Patterns of Political Interaction lunch event: ‘Death of a politician: emotion, media and politics’

    The research group Patterns of Political Interaction organises a lunch event on Tuesday 26 September with Dr Fons Meijer, researcher at the Centre for Parliamentary History.

  • Lunch meeting Faculty Annual Plan 2024

    Leave your mark on the future of our faculty! Come to the lunch meeting on Tuesday, 26th September, from 12:20 to 13:20 and provide input on the 2024 Annual Plan together with faculty staff and students.

  • Groep studenten in overleg

    Kick-off meeting SIG Blended and Online Education

    Online media are self-evident in education. But what initiatives are there at our university in the field of blended and online education? With this SIG we will try to get this to the surface together.

  • Training program for the immune system: regulation in vaccination and disease contexts.

    Trained immunity is a process that strengthens the innate immune system. While trained immunity normally protects the body against infections, when the ‘training’ is too strong or too weak this can have dire consequences.

  • Lacan, the Death Drive, and Philosophy.

    The dissertation focuses on Jacques Lacan's interpretation of the death drive, a psychoanalytic notion that aims to elucidate the baffling clinical phenomenon of compulsive repetition.