Vox Populi: On Forecasting Elections with Twitter

Thursday 9 February 2023, 10:30 am
E.P. Sanders drs.
prof. dr. A.P.J. van den Bosch (UU)
dr. H. van den Heuvel
Faculty of Arts

We collectively produce huge numbers of Tweets on pretty much any topic, including politics. These big data can be used by researchers to predict the outcome of elections. The Vox Populi project explored the extent to which this is possible and how this process can be optimised. 
While reasonable predictions seem possible in individual elections, it turns out to be impossible to create a model to make predictions for five national Dutch elections that are as accurate as traditional polls. 

Eric Sanders (Hengelo, 1969) studied Physics (first year (propedeuse) 1991) and Language, Speech and Computer Science (graduated in 1995) at Catholic University Nijmegen. After his studies, he remained at KUN/RU as a language and speech technologist. He has been involved in the Vox Populi project since 2015. Since 2020 he has worked as a lecturer as well as a researcher.