Een persoon typt op een laptop
Een persoon typt op een laptop

Workshop Cover letter (English)

Monday 11 December 2023, 7:30 pm - 9 pm
Learn all the ins and outs of writing a cover letter that will make you stand out from other applicants

We offer this workshop in Dutch as well. Check it out

The reader of your cover letter wants to know something about you. Who are you? What drives you? What do you want to achieve and how do you want to do it? These are the most important questions you should answer in your cover letter. Standard phrases are not sufficient in providing the answers to those questions. It is all about what makes you unique and why you are perfect for the job.


This workshop is for all students up to six months after graduation. Have you graduated? Then use the registration button for alumni.

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Monday 11 December 2023, 7:30 pm - 9 pm
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