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  • Training Thesis and internship supervision (TIS10 23-24)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision. We will also take a look at what students need, what their programme requires, and what supervision style you prefer.

  • Q&A: The application deadline is approaching - Meet our admissions officer

    Are you an international student from a non-EU country applying to Radboud University? Are you already in the process of applying to Radboud University and do you have last-minute questions? Join us!

  • The History of Morality | Lezing en gesprek met filosoof Hanno Sauer

    The History of Morality

    From prehistoric times on, how did we develop a sense of what is the right thing to do? Come hear philosopher Hanno Sauer talk about where our morality comes from, why it is important and the role of morality in society.

  • Five-part Course on the Complexity of Major Social Issues

    Five-part Course on the Complexity of Major Social Issues

  • Aankondiging Onderwijsprijzen 2023 EN

    Education Awards 2023

    Good teaching deserves a podium. That is why Radboud University presents university Education awards to talented teachers and senior lecturers every year. You can attend the ceremony live on campus and also via a livestream in YouTube.

  • Assessment and training of walking adaptability in children with mild motor disorders

    Children with mild motor disorders often show difficulties with walking adaptability. Walking adaptability is the ability to modify the walking pattern to reach intended goals while handling the demands of the environment.

  • Understanding and attenuating disease progression in Parkinson’s disease

    Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the world and its prevalence is rapidly increasing.

  • Donders Session: Methods Market

    The Donders Sessions are two-hour morning sessions, starting at 10.00 and followed by lunch at 12.00. The Sessions are in principle scheduled every 3rd Thursday of the month, except for July, August and school holidays.

  • Ear reconstructions and the clinical pathway in patients with ear anomalies

    It is important to pay attention to both the ear itself and the potential hearing loss and psychological functioning in patients with a malformation or deformation of the ear.

  • KEEP THE BODY IN MIND. Towards integrating physical and mental health in child and adolescent psychiatry

    Child and adolescent psychiatry can be defined as a medical specialty focused on mental health with an integrated vision of biological, psychological and social factors influencing the mental well-being of children.

  • Effective Literature Searching for Researchers

    In this workshop you will learn how to search for scholarly literature in a systematic, reproducible manner.

  • Community-based exercise programs for Parkinson’s: challenges, strategies, and opportunities for improving care

    This thesis concludes that when properly implemented and led by trained professionals, community-based programs can improve the quality of life for people with PD and serve as a valuable complement to traditional healthcare.

  • DCN Seminar: Prof. Dr. Max Happel

    Prof. Happel will present, based on multichannel data from the gerbil anterior prefrontal cortex (aPFC), how frontal cortex influences exploratory behaviors during a probabilistic foraging paradigm.

  • CLS Talks: Katie von Holzen

    The monthly CLS Talks showcase research done within the Centre for Language Studies (CLS) with the aim to increase awareness of the ongoing research in the institute, and to facilitate discussions and collaborations between researchers.

  • Artiest in de Machine. Over muziek, menselijkheid en AI | Lezing door filosoof Anco Peeters en live-act van artiest

    Artist in the Machine. On Music, Humanity and AI

    Radboud Reflects and Doornroosje | Music is emotion. But what if that music was created by artificial intelligence? Does that music then still have value? What are the artistic and ethical issues surrounding AI in music?

  • Koppel samen met een baby.

    Babytalk: how do babies learn language?

    Parents and their children (aged 0-2 years) are kindly invited to the Mariënburg Library for a short presentation by Paula Fikkert, professor of language acquisition. While the parents listen, the little ones can entertain themselves with books.

  • Improving support for homeless people and people living in persistent poverty in the Netherlands: Insights and recommendations

    This dissertation examined changes in the situation of homeless people five and a half years after they entered the social relief system, the effective elements of applying peer support in these services, ...

  • Spreading the Word: Cross-Linguistic Influence in the Bilingual Child’s Lexicon


  • Open Sterrenkijkavond

    Open Stargazing Evening

    During the Open Stargazing Evening, you are welcome to visit our telescopes!

  • Twee studenten op de groene campus van de Radboud Universiteit

    Bachelor's Open Day

    Visit our Bachelor's Open Day and attend information sessions about the Bachelor's of your interest, get to know our green campus, and ask all your questions to students and staff.