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  • Bachelor's Experience Day Psychology

    During a Bachelor’s Experience Day, you visit our campus for a day and follow a special programme with other prospective students. This day will give you a good impression of the university and the Bachelor’s programme.

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    Workshop 'Structuur aanbrengen in je tekst'

    The more logically structured a text is, the better readers will understand the message. But providing structure is not easy. What often feels very logical in your head can suddenly seem incoherent on paper.

  • Contemporary visions of the Stations of the Cross and the Last Supper

    The Catholic Documentation Centre (KDC) and the Titus Brandsma Institute (TBI) invite you to a mini-seminar on the 3rd of April in the chapel of the Berchmanianum.

  • Coping with incoherent papers

    Do you tend to get annoyed by flaws in students' texts? Do you feel that grading poorly written papers takes more time than necessary? Is it even your job as a teacher to give feedback on text quality?

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    TLC Innovation Lunch April

    Do you remember the experiment with the vacuum chamber in the physics classroom? Even when you saw with your own eyes the feather and the marble drop down at the same speed, it was hard to understand that frictional force alone ensures that this does not happen in the normal world.

  • Bachelor's Experience Day Molecular Life Sciences

    During a Bachelor’s Experience Day, you visit our campus for a day and follow a special programme with other prospective students. This day will give you a good impression of the university and the Bachelor’s programme.

  • Pavlovian biases in decision making

    Many of our every-life decisions do not follow from conscious deliberation, but seemingly from a mental "auto-pilot". For example, sitting on the couch with a bowl of chips, we often mindlessly eat too many of them.

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    Online Zotero workshop (EN/NL)

    Save time referencing & managing your literature? Zotero, the open source reference manager, can be your new best friend! In this one-hour workshop you'll learn all the tips & tricks.

  • Event and Subjectivity: The Question of Phenomenology in Jean-Luc Marion and Claude Romano

    This dissertation seeks answers to two questions: “What is the event in phenomenology today?” and “Who experiences the event?” These questions are addressed by examining the phenomenology of the event of two significant thinkers of our time, Jean-Luc Marion and Claude Romano.

  • Lecturing in English in the international classroom

    As a committed lecturer, you want to provide the most effective learning experience for all of your students from different backgrounds and cultures without losing your unique voice and energy.

  • Poster van PRUTSWERK. het museum

    PRUTSWERK. the museum

    What failure story do you have to confess? Are you also bad at something? Is your tinkering also worth framing? Then drop by at PRUTSWERK. the museum. in Cultuurhuis De Lindenberg in Nijmegen. The exhibition can be visited free of charge from 4 to 26 April 2023.

  • Course Starting to Teach (STT-blok4-2)

    During this short introductory course you will actively engage with the basic didactic principles of guiding tutorials (seminars, workgroups). This helps you to be prepared when you take your first steps in practice.

  • Mindfulness

    During the mindfulness training you learn to direct your attention so that you become aware of your (automatic) thoughts, feelings and physical reactions.

  • Relation event: ‘HR, met de kennis van nu’

    How do you foster a culture of learning in your organisation? How do you keep your keep your employees healthy? How do you handle varied talents and equality in an inclusive organisation? How do you remain bias-free during the recruitment process?

  • Training of complex surgical skills using simulation models

    In the field of pediatric surgery there are several rare diseases that require surgery. These surgeries in turn require complex surgical skills that cannot be acquired during the surgery alone.

  • Course Education in a Nutshell (23EIN16)

    During this course you will learn to relate didactic basic principles about (online) teaching and (distance) learning to your role as a lecturer at Radboud University.

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    Workshop 'Effectief schrijven'

    In university, you usually learn to write by just doing it. Unfortunately, this is sometimes how you teach yourself less effective writing techniques. Therefore, this workshop will give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

  • Training Assessment with open-ended questions (AOEQ1)

    During this training you will learn more about the didactic principles of assessment with open-ended questions, and you will work on improving your own assessment questions.

  • Nature Triumphed: Disasters, Solidarity, and Identity in the Eighteenth-Century Dutch Republic


  • Advanced Neoplasia in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Prediction, Surveillance and Management

    One of the most dreaded complications is high-grade dysplasia (HGD) and colorectal cancer (CRC), together advanced neoplasia (AN).