Facts and figures

This page offers an insight in to the key facts and figures about our education, research, staff, and international rankings.

Radboud University in numbers

Radboud University is home to 24,678 students

Our education

Radboud University is a general university. This means that we have programmes in both alfa and bèta sciences (including medical sciences), and in social sciences.

Facts and figures about our education

Last year 391 PhD students promoted at Radboud University

Our research

When it comes to scientific research, all disciplines are represented at Radboud University. On campus, there is also a lot of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Facts and figures about our research

Radboud University has 5,603 staff FTE

Our staff

Radboud University has a thriving academic community in which staff and students inspire and challenge each other. We appreciate and respect each other's differences.

Facts and figures about our staff

De Radboud Universiteit zit in de kopgroep van universiteiten wereldwijd

International Rankings

Radboud University is ranked among the leading group within the most important international rankings.

Performance on international rankings